• Coverage area up to 1500m2
  • Adapted to catch many types of mosquitoes
  • Easy handling
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient 230V (12V)
  • For outdoor use
  • Attract mosquitoes with light, heat, scent, some carbon dioxide
  • Some mosquito species are not attracted by this machine

Small but powerful mosquito trap

The AMT 200 is a very ingenious machine. It uses no less than four different lid methods to attract mosquitoes into the trap. The strength of the small buzz is that it has all the elements that the larger machines have but that it is adapted for smaller surfaces. Among other things, the AMT 200 has a unique and very effective scent which consists partly of octanol and partly of lactic acid which mimics the body's body odor. Note that UV light only attracts at dusk and darkness, therefore the curvature effect in daylight decreases. 

The AMT-200 is designed to catch with all Rapid Action scents, Green, Redand Black.

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