About mosquito bites


About mosquito bites

Mosquito bites occur when you have been bit by a mosquito and the body responds to the mosquito's saliva. It can burn and itch but it usually goes over quickly and is usually completely harmless.

Some people reacts more strongly to bites than others. mosquitos prefer some people over others and is more attracted to their smells than others. Independent reaserch shows that people who are attractive for the mosquitos, excretes a smaller amount of scent signals than people who doesn´t seem to be that attractive to mosquitos. That will say, the opposite of what one might think. This can explain why some are more likely to be bit by mosquitos and midges than others. 

Mosquitos can also spread diseases. In large parts of the world, are mosquito carried diseases like malaria a big problem. 


Symptomes of mosquito bites is that the skin blushes and swells where the mosquito has bitten. Most often it itches as well. All people react differently. Some get large itchy mosquito bites, others barely notice the bite. Usually, most bites disappear within a few days.

Self care

Once you have a mosquito bite, you can relieve the trouble by cooling down the swelling with cold water, with a piece of ice wrapped in cloth, alcohol wrap or cold conditioner. Ironing a weak hydrocortisone ointment on mosquito bites that is of greater difficulty can also work well to relieve the pain and irritation. Another effective alternative for relieving discomfort and itching is Aspivenin.

Try to avoid scratching so much on the bite. It can aggravate the itching and if the skin breaks, the bite can become infected. Furthermore, if you do not scratch on the bite, it will heal faster.

Products for mosquito bites

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