Restaurants & Outdoor seating


Let customers enjoy a mosquito-free environment in restaurants and on outdoor cafés

If you have problems with mosquitoes, you can place a Mosquito Stop Lantern on your outdoor seating. These create a mosquito-free zone of 20m2 that repels the mosquitoes and your guests can enjoy eating and drinking in a mosquito-free environment.

Mosquito repellent, extra protection

Imagine being able to offer your guests a mosquito repellent - what a service! We have a mosquito repellent for children from 3 years, Smidge. You can find all our mosquito repellent here.

Indoor mosquito trap

If you also want to secure the areas inside the restaurant, dining room or kitchen, we have mosquito catchers that fit well in those environments as well. Our mosquito control for indoor use also attracts other flight attendants, for example. flies. Here you can read more about how mosquito traps work indoors.

Products for restaurants & outdoor seating

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