My neighbors have a mosquito machine located quite far from the house itself and near us. Isn't it misplaced? Should I talk to the neighbor?

The neighbors probably have a mosquito trap that attracts the mosquitoes. The machine attracts mosquito females (those that give mosquito bites) that are caught by the machine and thus fewer mosquito eggs are added in your immediate area. It should not be too close to your house and where you are staying, as they could choose to come to you instead.

In your case, you do not have to worry about the mosquitoes coming over to you, you can thank the neighbor for making sure there are fewer mosquitoes.

What is Octanol?

Oktenool on keemiline ühend alifaatsete alkoholide rühmast, läbipaistev värvitu vedelik, mille iseloomulik lõhn meelitab sääski masina juurde. See on mõnede eeterlike õlide naturaalne koostisosa.

Why use octanol?

The mosquitoes are either chemically or biologically killed by the octanol itself, the octanol does not prevent or counteract the mosquitoes. The octanol only serves to attract the mosquitoes to the machine. The machine in turn catches and dries out the mosquitoes, this is a completely mechanical process.

What do I need to do if I need to bring a mosquito trap abroad?

You need to think about two things: 1- Use propane gas. 2- If the supplied regulator does not fit the gas cylinder in the country you are in, make sure to get a regulator that has a pressure of 28 mili bar (0.4 PSI).

When should we start the mosquito traps?

Mosquito and midge eggs begin to hatch as the temperature stays steadily above 10 degrees. The warmer the more active the mosquitoes and the midges are and just above 20 degrees is the most ideal temperature for them. The earlier in the spring you start the machine the better.

How important is the Octanol to a mosquito catcher?

Octanol in combination with heated carbon dioxide increases the mosquito trapper's catching capacity up to 10 times. The mosquitoes and the midges are strongly attracted by these elements.

Why are the mosquitoes and midges attracted by a mosquito trap?

A mosquito catcher simulates a human. This is done using five different elements:

  1. Heating - when the machine is running, the engine generates heat.
  2. Light - the combination of LED and UV lamps attracts mosquitoes and midges.
  3. Carbon dioxide - propane gas used to start and operate the mosquito trap is burned and converted to carbon dioxide. This is about the same amount as human exhalation.
  4. Octanol - which is heated, evaporated and excreted in the environment around the machine and simulates a person's scent and sweat.
  5. Moisture - some machines have a container that you can fill with water. Mosquitoes and midges are drawn to moisture.

It drops water from my machine, is it normal?

Yes, what drips from your machine is condensed water. It is a by-product of the catalytic conversion of gas and air in the machine during operation. It is caused by atmospheric changes in temperature inside and outside the machine. It has no effect on your machine at all.

Before Buying

Do the gas-powered machines catch non-stinging insects?

No, they don't, a non-stinging insect doesn't suck blood and doesn't look for mammals when hatching.

I have a summer cottage that is quite close to a water-rich area. In the spring, there are usually some water collections that provide a wealth of mosquitoes. How do I?

Predator Dynamic is an example of mosquito machines that are suitable for the mosquito problems described. During the spring, you can start the mosquito trap which helps to bring down the mosquito population around your cabin. It is important to place the machine near hatching areas to access the source of the problem. You can also supplement with a repellent mosquito cover like Mosquito Stop Lantern to repel the mosquitoes and give a mosquito-free zone of 20m2.

Panic of midges! We have the most pain. Can you eradicate them on the plot and around so we can enjoy walking around our garden in the evening?

You need to get a LPG-powered mosquito trap in order to bring down the population of midges. Such a machine needs to be up and running 24 hours a day and it may take up to a couple of weeks for the population to be reduced.

We are on a summer holiday one week a year in our cabin but the mosquitoes ruin our holiday. How do we get rid of the mosquitoes?

Normally, the recommendation would be a LPG-powered mosquito machine, but time is crucial. One week is too short to reduce the mosquito population. In that case, a repellent mosquito repeller that keeps the mosquitoes away would be a better solution. All you have to do is turn on the mosquito repeller and wait for a few minutes. Then a scent bubble is formed around the mosquito repeller which the mosquitoes dislike. In the area become mosquito free.

Flood mosquitoes, what do I do?

When it comes to flood mosquitoes, you need a very efficient machine, and it is an eradicating mosquito machine. The LPG traps that have proven to be the best in tests are Predator Dynamic and Mosquito Magnet Executive. An advantage of Predator is that there are several different scents which makes it adaptable in different circumstances. If the standard octanol does not work well enough, you have the opportunity to change to another scent. 

What types of insects are caught by an eradicating mosquito trap?

The mosquito catcher is designed primarily to catch mosquitoes and midges. Other insects that are occasionally attracted by the machine are horse fly, brake and blind. However, these insects are too heavy and strong which makes it difficult for a mosquito catcher to catch them through the fan. Predator Dynamic and SkeeterVac have proven to be able to capture these with their sticky paper.


Can I move around with my Mosquito Stop Lantern?

Unfortunately, you simply move away from the "repelling bubble". The technology is based on heating a mat with mosquito repellent. The mosquito repeller is spread around the appliance and creates a protective zone of about 20m², it should not be windy for best effect.

The lamp for AMT100 / Moel APT White Light does not light! Is the lamp broken?

The lamp for AMT 100 and Moel APT Black Light uses UV light and is not visible in daylight. On the other hand, you can test the lamp when it is dark and also use a white paper behind to see that it is actually lit.

Should Predator Dynamic overturn for any reason, will it turn itself off automatically or if there is a fire risk?

The Predator Dynamic fulfills all security requirements set by Swedish as well as international authorities. There is a built-in safety system that blocks the gas flow if anything deviates from normal operating values.

Why should the mosquito catcher be placed in the shade?

The mosquitoes and the midges generally do not like direct sunlight. They like to keep them in the shade, hence it is good to create a possible path to the mosquito catcher by putting the machine in the shade, so as to catch mosquitoes and midges during the day.

What should be considered about the current location of an eradicating LPG Mosquito trap?

There are three different cases:

  • Case 1: The hatching site is in a restricted area - Place the machine near the area in such a way that the wind takes away the octanol scent and carbon dioxide which then settle over the hatching site.
  • Case 2: The mosquito and midges hatching site is located on one side of the house (Ex: a river or forest area). - Position the machine so that the wind carries the octanol scent and carbon dioxide which then settle between the house and the hatching site.
  • Case 3: The mosquitoes and midges attack from every angle. - Place the machine so that the wind will carry the octanol scent and carbon dioxide against the house, which then folds around the house.

How often do you need to change Octanol?

All fragrance tablets, Rapid Action Green, Red and Black, should be replaced after 4 weeks. Consumption may differ depending on temperature, the warmer the scent tablets tend to be emptied faster.

What do you need to think about when the mosquito season is over and the weather is colder?

Disconnect any power cord and batteries from the mosquito trap. Clean and remove visible dirt and wipe off machine. Wipe off dead mosquitoes and midges from the catch basket. Turn off the gas cylinder valve and disconnect the machine's regulator from the bottle. Store the machine indoors in a room with a temperature above 0 degrees. (should not be stored in minus degrees)

I have some octanol tablets over. Can they be stored for the next season?

Yes you can. Do not open the package and keep the tablet cool and dry.

Can the mosquito trap stand in the rain?

The outdoor machines are adapted to be able to stand outside. It is likely to blow or rain in normal weather conditions. If you have a water spreader outside, it should preferably not spray water directly against the machine.

Which LPG bottle should you attach to the mosquito trap?

In principle, all LPG cylinders with propane gas can be used. For best effect and sufficient durability, Mosquito-traps recommends a PK10 or a P11 bottle. These last about 4 weeks.

Is the Mosquito machine's net thoroughly cleaned?

During the season, continuously clean the net with a brush, preferably toothbrush. If the net is clogged, worn or damaged in any way, it must be replaced. The machine is in need of some airflow to operate. If the net becomes too clogged it will have a negative impact on the catch result and may also cause the machine to stop / not start. Fresh and clean nets counteract this. Our recommendation is that you have two nets and vary these when emptying. This simplifies the drainage and extends the life of the net. For some models the catch container, where the mosquitoes are collected can sometimes can cause the mosquito catcher to shut down when the air flow becomes insufficient. The tip is to try without the catch container and if it works then clean it properly.

Is the engine room free of small insects?

Make sure to keep your mosquito trap clean. This will help extend the life of the machine. Wipe the outside of the trap continuously with clean water and a damp cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners. In the event of a gas oil change, remove / unscrew the machine's side grilles and clean them with a fine brush if necessary. Clogged grilles will reduce your catch and may risk the machine stopping. In extreme conditions, small midges, dust or dirt may end up inside the cover of the machine. It may then be necessary to clean the space. Tip! Carefully vacuum if you see small bumps, dust or dirt behind the side grille inside the machine.

What is meant by venting the LPG bottle?

The LPG bottle may need to be aerated at each refill to ensure that no air pockets are formed that affect the gas flow to the machine. If this is the problem, the machine only gets air at startup.

How do I clean the airflow? Is it important that the airflow is clean?

In order for your mosquito machine to work properly, the vacuum fan must operate without restrictions. It is important to check before operation that the fan is clean and not blocked so that its operation is limited. Cleaning the fan prevents any possibility of blocking or restriction. If the fan is blocked and remains blocked for several days, the heat from the machine may damage the unit.

Can I use compressed air instead of a Quick Clear cartridge for cleaning a Mosquito Magnet?

No. Quick Clear cartridges are recommended and are the only ones that will be used to clean the fuel supply in your Mosquito Magnet (all models before 2018). The use of compressed air is not recommended and can cause damage to your machine. The use of compressed air instead of Quick Clear cartridges means that the warranty no longer applies.

My Predator Dynamic does not start

If the machine does not sound anything when turning on the LPG:

  • Check hose and regulator

If the machine does sound but no clicking sound is heard when pushing the start button:

  • Make sure the battery is new Note! the plus side of the battery should point downwards
  • Remove any rust with contact spray
  • Replace the ignition switch and the battery compartment

Scents and Biocides

What rules apply to LPG machines

Carbon dioxide-based mosquito traps are excepted

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has introduced a general exemption from the requirement for approval for mosquito traps where the only active substance is carbon dioxide generated on site. This means that no approval or exemption is required at present to market and use these products.

Read more about carbon dioxide-based mosquito traps

What is the definition of Biocid?

Chemical substances used to control biological organisms are commonly called biocides. These are necessary but use should be taken with care so that each substance is used where it actually benefits. A biocidal product is defined as a chemical or biological pesticide intended to prevent or counteract that animals, plants or microorganisms, including viruses, cause harm or inconvenience to human health or property damage.

Can we sell chemical or biological pesticides (Biocid)?

According to the Swedish Chemicals Agency, we are allowed to sell pesticides that have a permit or exemption. The directive applies to all consumers, retailers, distributors and importers who market biocidal products.

Which products are considered biocidal products and what are the requirements for selling them?

  • LPG powered and electric powered outdoor mosquito traps along with a chemical scent, octanol type. A general exception applies to these machines throughout the EU & ESS.
  • Mosquito Stop Lantern is also included in the products that are considered a biocidal product. Mosquito Stop Lantern must be approved in each country.
  • All mosquito repellents are also biocidal products, each mosquito repellent brand must be approved in each country.

Is the octanol a biocide?

Octanol or other scents are not in themselves a biocide but together with the machine the product becomes a biocide.

What is the case for EU rules?

The use of biocides chemical substances is controlled in Europe by the European Commission biocide directive (EU Regulation 98/8 / EC).

Under the directive, an investigation program is conducted that examines all substances that are marketed as biocides and their areas of application so that only substances with the intended effect, documented health and environmental impact and need for the application are approved for placing on the market.

Existing substances in the market must constantly be documented in order to remain.

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