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Predator Dynamic - mosquito hunter

Predator Dynamic is a mosquito trap developed by a Swedish team. We sell this mosquito hunter in three different variants but in fact it is the same mosquito machine but with different scents. The black octanol tablet is a "standard scent" which contains ocentol and it is good when you mostly have mosquitoes. If you have a lot of gnats and midges, you should choose the green scent, it contains both ocenol and lactic acid. The red scent tablet contains more lactic acid and less octanol. It is the choice if you have very "aggressive" mosquitoes, such as flood mosquitoes or tropical mosquitoes for example as the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus). If you find it difficult to decide which scent to use, we recommend that you buy the machine with the black scent. Then you buy a the "Summer consumption" with a different scent, e.g. 4 green scents. This way you have two different ones that you can test and do your own evaluation which is best suited to where you live. If it turns out that it is the black scent that is best, then you will contact us, we will replace the green you have left with the black. We love to have satisfied customers and that you have the best scent to trap your mosquitoes and midges.

Mosquito trap with sticky paper

The Predator Dynamic mosquito trap is equipped with a sticky paper around the engine itself. The sticky paper has two functions, namely to attract insects through its white-black striped pattern but also to catch the insect. The white and black stripes are attractive to the insects. On the sticky paper we have seen that you can get other kinds of insects such as flies and even brakes. Only the mosquitoes and midges are caught in the container. Flies and brakes are too heavy so they are not pulled into the fan, but they come to the sticky paper - yes they are stuck!

Mosquitoes fly at different altitudes

For the mosquito and midge machine it comes with three different mounts on the stand. Here you can also try your way. Low altitude - mosquitoes and high altitude - midges and gnats. Surely the gnats are most troublesome around the head, specially close to eyes and scalp? The mosquitoes can be a little more complicated. Depending on how well they fly they will be at different altitudes, but the rule is that the worse the flyers the lower they fly.

Catch capacity

Predator Dynamic's catch basket is large. At the bottom, pour in water with a drop of detergent, which will then remove the surface tension. Then mosquitoes and midges will drown and you will then have a "mourning" of dead insects to drain out. Be sure not to have a citrus detergent because mosquitoes don't like citrus. It should be a common neutral agent. In the container you can also add something sweet, a little sugar or juice. We know customers who have had honey and think it is good. Here you can also try out what your mosquitoes and knobs are attracted to.

LPG mosquito catchers

When it comes to gasoline we recommend a 10kg bottle, use the same LPG that you have for a LPG grill (95-80% propane). LPG is purchased separately at petrol stations or larger stores.

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