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Simple advice on what determines your choice of mosquito machine and mosquito repellent.

How do you know which product solves your mosquito and midge problems?

First and foremost, there are two different techniques: Machines who "exterminate" the population or a technique that keeps the mosquitoes away. If you manage to eradicate your entire mosquito population then the problem is solved and that is what we recommend first and foremost. This is done with one of our mosquito traps.

We use various parameters to guide you to the best possible solution. What is crucial are, above all, 3 factors:

  1. How much mosquito you have in your area (Mosquito density)
  2. What your area looks like with regard to wetlands and streams (Area of Action)
  3. What types of mosquitoes and midges you are bothered by (Mosquito types)

Using these three values you can find a machine that will solve the problem of your mosquitoes and midges in a little while. Of course, "eradicating" a mosquito population takes time and it is not always you have it, summer is short ... or you are only temporarily in a mosquito area. We can usually solve this, or at least alleviate it with the help of direct-acting mosquito repellent, mosquito net or mosquito repellent.

If you feel that you want to talk to our experts about your mosquito and pest problems, our customer service can help you, contact us:

Phone: +46 31-788 16 30


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