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Our indoor mosquito catchers

Indoor machines are so good that you can sleep well with the window open. Our indoor machines are very efficient, all you have to do is plug the machine into a power outlet and then it starts to work for you. A faint fan sound is heard on the machines that have a fan. Examples of mosquito trappers for indoor use are Moel AIT Mosquito trap (368-G). The advantage of the AIT is that it captures large amounts of avian (not just mosquitoes and bumps). It attracts the insects with UV light and when they get too close they are sucked into the fan and then die from dehydration. We also have electric machines (the insects are electrified) Moel APT White Light and Moel AZP Mosquito Destoyer. Moel APT White Light is made to have in the bedroom or in the caravan. AZP Mosquito Destroyer are ideal for kitchen environments that tend to attract large numbers of insects. It is also great for having a "stop" at the patio door on the outside (it then prevents the mosquitoes from flying into the house). Moel APT White Light and Moel AZP Mosquito Destroyer attract the insects with UV light and heat, when the mosquitoes get into machines so they are "fried".

Our mosquito nets

In extreme conditions or in case of hypersensitivity to bites, we can also recommend supplementing with mosquito nets. Do you want to protect your own or your children's bed from being attacked by mosquitoes and gnats? Do you want a mosquito net for a single trolly or double trolly? Do you want a mosquito net for a single or double bed? Check out our Mosquito Net for the full range of insecticide prevention products.

Products used indoors & conservatories

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