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Eradicating mosquitos, gnats and midges at your property or cabin

The best way to reduce the risk of getting mosquito bites is to simply reduce the number of mosquitoes, gnats and midges. An eradicating mosquito machine reduces the number of blood-sucking insects by simulating a human through various scents, moisture, light, heat and exhalation. All mosquitoes have the same way of reproducing, when the mosquito female is to lay her eggs, blood is needed. The female goes to a mammal to suck blood but instead it is trapped in the mosquito trap and then cannot lay its eggs. In this way, the stock is reduced because no new mosquitoes, gnats or midges are born.

When to use a LPG or electric octenol mosquito catcher

When the number of mosquitoes is not so great, an electric catcher may be good enough. We then recommend AMT200, which is the result of Swedish tests. This is a cheap alternative to reducing the mosquito population. The AMT200 attracts mosquitoes with the help of a LED lamp with UV-light and an attractive fragrance, octanol and lactic acid. If you have mosquito problems around the clock, even during the day, we recommend an Eradicating LPG Catcher or an electric machine with CO2, AMT200 with Booster kit. Machines that attracts only with UV-light does not work in daylight, since the sunlight removes the effect for these machines. If the problems are more extensive or where tropical mosquitoes (such as Asian Tiger Mosquito) or gnats are added, we at Mosquito-Traps always recommend an LPG catcher. These machines have a greater effect and capture more efficiently.

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