Environmental factors


Environmental facts about our mosquito traps

"Eradicating" the mosquito population in your area does not mean that animals or birds also fade away when the mosquitoes disappear from your site. Our machines do not release any environmentally harmful substances that can harm animals or birds.

Many birds live on insects and larvae, and the bird's "food" would disappear from the place they are accustomed to picking their food from.

The only mosquito machines that can indirectly affect the environment in a negative way are those driven by, LPG. When LPG is burned, carbon dioxide is released, which is one of the most important attractants mosquitoes are attracted to because it is exactly the same substance that we humans exhale. However, since gas is a fossil fuel, the amount of carbon dioxide on the earth's surface increases during combustion and thus the greenhouse effect is also negatively affected. The alternative is to choose "AMT100 with Booster Kit" which also emits carbon dioxide from ordinary carbon dioxide cartridges, which means that the environmental impact is thus basically plus minus zero. The gas cartridge is the same one used when, for example, carbonating water or soda.

Other substances / chemicals in eg mosquito repellent and mosquito spray are all approved in accordance with Swedish legislation. The substance octanol is a substance that is also used in the food industry and is a flavoring agent.

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