Trap placement

Placement of the machine in the right place is crucial to how well your mosquito catcher works and fights the mosquitoes, gnats and knots. Here you will find advice for what to think about placing your mosquito killer. Regardless of the context in which you use your mosquito trap, placement is very important. This is to optimize that your mosquito trap can reach its full potential and efficiency.

To make it as easy as possible, we have a checklist that you can use to find the optimal mosquito trap location on your site. If you start from this list when you are putting out your machine then you will quickly find "the sweet spot" for your mosquito catcher.


1. Find where the mosquitoes are coming from

The most important thing is to find where the mosquitoes reproduce, in order for the mosquito eggs to hatch, moisture or water is needed. Start looking for where water collects. Even shrubbery or tall grass can be the place that is the best start to place your mosquito catcher. If you have a constant flow of water, such as a stream or lake, then it will be a little more difficult. What may be best to do then is cut off the road between you and the water with the machine's scents and carbon dioxide. Ordinary mosquitoes are actually quite bad at flying, they usually fly no longer than 20 meters, so we recommend moving the catcher at regular intervals to increase the effect.

If you place your mosquito trap near such an area, the mosquito killer will take hold of the root problem and catch the female mosquitoes as soon as they look for blood to lay new eggs and thus reduce the mosquito population in your area.

2. Right height

If the mosquito catcher is to attract mosquitoes to the top of its ability it should be set at the right height. The optimum height for catching common sneakers is between 40-70 cm from the ground, calculated from the underside of the machine. If you have problems with gnats and midges, try to set it higher, 1-1.5 m.

The Predator Dynamic mosquito machine can be adjusted for midge mode (High) and mosquito mode (Low), it also has an intermediate stand. AMT-100 can be placed on the ground as well, but for the best effect it should be suspended eg. in a tree, and here it is extra important to take into account the height.

3. In the shade

If you place the mosquito trap in direct sunlight, the machine may get hotter than usual and the mosquito and the midges will ignore the mosquito trap as they do not like sunlight. The octanol in the machine also tends to dry out faster due to the heat and the light from the lamp has less effect.

4. Wind direction and wind

The basic principle of mosquito repellent is that the flow of fragrances should "cut off" the airway between wetlands where the mosquito eggs are laid / hatched and the place where you want a mosquito-free and pest-free environment. Therefore, it is important to place the mosquito repellent in a position that makes it natural for the mosquitoes to apply.

The female mosquitoes "hunt" in headwinds / upstream and then be able to sail back when they are heavy and full of blood. This means that if it blows from north to south, you should set your mosquito trap in the north so that the fragrances create a "path" between the wetland and the terrace. However, this "road" with fragrances must not drift over, for example. the balcony, then it stands too close or in the wrong place which means that the mosquitoes are distracted and do not fly to the machine.

It is also good if you can put the mosquito trap in a wind protected position where it pulls or blows as little as possible. This makes the spread of the fragrances even more even around the mosquito killer.

5. Right distance

If you place the mosquito trap too close to the place where you will mainly be staying, there is a risk that the mosquito will discover you - the real thing - on the way to the mosquito trap. In the worst case, you ends up being bitten instead of the mosquitoes being caught.

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