Terrace & Patio


Mosquito protection, keep the mosquitoes away from your Terrace or Patio!

One way to avoid the mosquitoes is to keep them away from you. You can do this with the Mosquito Stop Lantern from Swissinno. You can have these on the table. The Mosquito Stop Lantern protects you from mosquitoes and creates a zone of 20m2 with a scent that is invisible and odorless to us but which mosquitoes do not like. If you have a larger terrace you can put a Mosquito Stop Lantern on each side and create an even larger mosquito-free zone.

Mosquito repellent, extra protection

If you want to be absolutely sure to get rid of the mosquitoes, you can also supplement with any of our products that you apply directly to the skin. We have a mosquito repellent for children from 3 years, Smidge.

Products for terrace & patio

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