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Our mosquito protection for excursion, camping and hunting

When outdoors in the woods, joy can quickly turn into itchy frustration. Mosquito Stop Lantern Swissinno mosquito repellent, which is repellent units, is tailor-made for trips to mosquito-proof places. You just place the Lantern outside the tent, then it emits a smell that mosquitoes dislike. You will have peace and quiet to enjoy your favorite hobby without being disturbed! Remember that you need to have been still for a few minutes for your mosquito protection to start working and give the best effect. This is perfect when you are camping or sitting at a fishing area.

Mosquito Stop Lantern repellent are powered by a candle and mosquito mats. Sustained efficacy of up to 4 hours with only one small repellent plate.

Protect your body!

If you want to be absolutely sure to get rid of the mosquitoes, you can also supplement with any of our products that you apply directly to the skin. We also have mosquito repellent for children from 3 years.

Our mosquito nets

In extreme conditions or in case of hypersensitivity to bites, we can also recommend supplementing with mosquito nets. Then look at the Nano Mosquito Net - Single or Double that can be used when camping. Extremely light in weight and small packaging which makes it the optimal mosquito net to carry in the outdoors. We also have other types of door and window nets. Check out the Mosquito Net category for the full range of insecticide prevention products.

Products for camping, fishing and hunting

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