Insect nets


Insect netting as mosquito repellent

Open windows and doors during the mosquito season are next to an impossibility without drawing in the amount of mosquitoes, cormorants and other insects that have attracted the light in your home. An easy and effective way to avoid this is to have an insect net that protects doors and windows.

The function of insect netting is to protect against insects but allow air and light to pass through. Occurs, for example, in tents and can be mounted in windows, doors or screens of parts of a room, such as a sleeping area, to avoid being affected by insect bites, insect-borne diseases or irritating insects.

MotFluga is an easy way to attach to windows and doors. The insect net is made with micro-membranes and also shuts out pollen, dust and soot particles. This makes it easier for pollen allergists while at the same time letting in light and air. Cut and adjust to your door window and mount them against the self-adhesive Velcro strap.

MotFluga Fönster – 130x150cm

Motfluga Dörr – 150x220cm

Insect netting and camping

When you camp in mosquito and knot dense areas you can't have too much protection so you can sleep safely from the disease-carrying crawls. Or if you want to move freely during the excursion, a mosquito and knot hat can be in place.

SeaToSummit Mosquito Net is a conveniently removable pyramid shaped insect net to have in the tent or hanging over the bed. Available for single and double beds. It is also available in two different materials. The standard material and its nano-cell weigh less but provide the same effective protection.

To also scare away mosquitoes, ThermaCell is a portable mosquito repellent. Good for completing the insect web. Repellent mosquito covers are products that do not catch mosquitoes without
creates a "bubble" that keeps the mosquitoes and knobs at a comfortable distance from you.

Popular net products

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