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Mosquito trap for horse farms, stables and barns

If you work with horses you are probably all too familiar with the nuisance midges and mosquitoes can cause. Stinging insects is now a widespread problem among horse farms and so far, it has only been possible to reduce the attacks on horses using ointments and blankets. These time-consuming methods can be both inconveniente and expensive. Fortunately, there is now a brilliant solution for this problem that really works.

The trick is to rig the area around your horses and the stables with one or more mosquito traps. By allowing a virtually maintenance-free machine do the work for you, you can spend more time on the horses without being bothered by mosquitoes. As the mosquito trap starts to reduce the mosquito population in your surroundings you will find that both horses and handlers can relax and enjoy the summer. You should choose your mosquito trap depending on the size of your horse farm, stables or farm yard and also the level of mosquito or midge infestation in the surrounding area.

Our mosquito killers for horse farms, stables and barns

Predator Dynamic and SkeeterVac are two examples of machines that attracts mosquitios and midges with carbon dioxide and octenol. The carbon dioxide corresponds to the exhaled air from us humans (and horses in this case) and the octanol emits a scent that the mosquitoes perceive as human smell. Predator Dynamic also attracts mosquitoes and midges with UV and LED lights as well as heat. The operating area for the machines are 4000-5000m2.

NOTE: Be sure to place the mosquito trap away from the manure pile, this emits a lot of methane gas which disrupts the scents from the mosquito machine.

Flying insects inside the stable

If you also want to secure the areas inside the stable or the barn, we have mosquitoes and flycatchers that fit well in those environments as well. Moel AIT Mosquito trap is one of our mosquito trappers for indoor use and also attracts other flying insects. Check out our range of indoor mosquito traps to see which option suits you best.

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