AMT200 Boosterkit

The AMT 200 is one of our exterminating mosquito catcher that is powered solely by electricity, which means that no LPG is needed. It is an updated version of the previous model AMT100.


The mosquitoes are attracted by an LED UV light, heat and the fragrance Rapid Action octenol. The AMT200 comes with a green octenol, you can also buy a 4-pack of green octenol as a summer package. These three factors together are a good combination to attract mosquitos. It is also attracted by a little carbon dioxide.


AMT200 Boosterkit

To further increase the catch, you can choose to buy a Boosterkit for your AMT200. At Mosquito-traps, we have made a package where you can buy the AMT200 Boosterkit together. The booster kit increases the carbon dioxide in a more environmentally friendly way as no LPG is needed, but the carbonic acid in the tanks is extracted from the air, which means that no extra emissions are made. The reason why the catch is increased is simply because there is an extra attractant, that is, a higher dose of carbon dioxide. We humans exhale carbon dioxide, which is, among other things, what attracts mosquitoes and gnats. 

Note that carbon dioxide cartridge is not included.


Electric machine vs LPG machine

What is important to mention is that it is not the same amount of carbon dioxide as a LPG machine. Therefore, there is a greater price difference between an electric machine and a gas machine. It simply depends on how big a mosquito problem you have and it is different from individual to individual. In some cases an AMT200 Boosterkit is enough and in some cases not. You can find all types of mosquito machines here.